Making Waves

PC: Stella McCartney

Below are some of the most influential people in the ethical fashion movement today. Some are more well-known than others, but they are all making a difference to improve the fashion industry and the world.

  1. Stella McCartney

Before it was trendy or popular to be sustainable, Stella McCartney launched a fashion house under her own name in 2001. From the beginning, she refused to use any leather or fur in her designs. Whether referring to the brand or to the designer, “Stella McCartney” is now a household name around the world. Stella continues to be a major advocate for ethical and responsible fashion.

“I think fashion has to remain fun and luxurious and desirable, and you can live a dream through what we are creating, but you can also have a sense of security that you’re consuming in a more conscious way.” –Stella McCartney

  1. Safia Minney

Forever an ethical consumer, Safia Minney founded People Tree in Japan in 1991 long before many people even knew what “sustainable fashion” meant. Minney and her brand have now pioneered the ethical fashion world for 26 years. People Tree is 100% Fair Trade certified and the first company in the world to guarantee Fair Trade and environmental production practice throughout the supply chain. Minney continues to spread the word on the need for ethical fashion with speaking engagements around the world.

“I believe the secrets of sustainability and well-being in society lie with the farmers and workers in the developing world—with the people.” –Safia Minney

  1. Andrew Morgan

Andrew Morgan directed The True Cost in 2015 and unknowingly impacted my life, and the life of many consumers similar to me, in a huge way. With The True Cost, Morgan showed what actually goes on behind the scenes of the fashion industry. He showed very plainly how your clothes are made and by whom they are made. His movie opened the eyes of countless viewers to a world previously hidden in the shadows. In just one hour and thirty-two minutes, Morgan showed the true cost of the fashion industry on its workers and our environment.

“We have the ability to a part of the kind of world we want to have or to be part of the destruction that we say we’re against.” –Andrew Morgan

  1. Yael Aflalo

Yael Aflalo has proven to the world that eco-friendly and ethically-made clothes can play in the big leagues of fashion too. Founder of one of my favorite brands, Reformation, Yael launched her brand in the backroom of an LA store in 2009. Before that she was a model, who, although exposed to much of the fashion industry, hadn’t given much thought to the production of the clothes she wore down the runway. Now, Reformation is one of the top ethical brands in the world and has been worn by the likes of Taylor Swift, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Rihanna, and Emily Ratajkowski. Reformation’s popularity with celebrities and other consumers has given sustainable fashion an incredible amount of visibility and attention.

“You buy clothes because you really want them. The sustainability part is for us to figure out.” –Yael Aflalo

-Kate Hornberger




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