That’s a Wrap

PC: Everlane Well, here it is—the last post for The Happy Hemline. At least for now, anyways. I’ve had a blast doing this blog and have learned so much, and I can only hope that you all feel the same. Thank you for listening to me talk about all things ethical fashion for the past... Continue Reading →

Here Comes the Holidays

PC: ABLE With the winter holidays right around the corner I’m here to bring you the perfect gift guide for the conscious consumer. These products are all ethically made and many are made and designed right here in Nashville, TN. With that said, remember that less is more—don’t get caught up in the consumerism frenzy... Continue Reading →

The True Cost

What are your plans for this weekend?...May I make a suggestion?...If you haven’t already, you should sit down and watch The True Cost. Directed by Andrew Morgan, this 2015 documentary takes a look behind the curtain at the dirty and unethical practices of the fast fashion industry. It’s fascinating to say the least—it’s life-changing to... Continue Reading →

Makeup for the Ethical Consumer

PC: ILIA My regular readers know that most of this blog has been about the garment industry and its human and environmental impact. But another side of fashion that I haven’t yet touched is the cosmetic industry. What goes in to the making of your makeup and other cosmetic products can be just as unethical... Continue Reading →

Making Waves

PC: Stella McCartney Below are some of the most influential people in the ethical fashion movement today. Some are more well-known than others, but they are all making a difference to improve the fashion industry and the world. Stella McCartney Before it was trendy or popular to be sustainable, Stella McCartney launched a fashion house... Continue Reading →

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