Consignment Tips & Tricks

PC: Three Pigs Vintage Welcome back! Today we’re continuing our discussion on consignment shopping and its contribution to a more ethical fashion industry. As a reminder from my last post, each year Americans discard 13 million tons of clothing and other textiles. Supporting consignment shops and sharing and recycling clothing can help drastically lower this... Continue Reading →

Good Will Shopping

PC: Ann + Rob Each year Americans collectively throw out 13 million tons of clothing and other textiles. Given that there are approximately 323.1 million people living in the United States, the average individual throws out over 80 pounds of textiles a year. The unfortunate reality is that most these items end up in one... Continue Reading →

Two Ways to be Ethical: Part 2

PC: People Tree Yesterday, I went grocery shopping. I don’t particularly enjoy grocery shopping, so I rushed up and down each aisle trying to get done and back home quickly. It was 5 o’clock, so the store was a madhouse with businesspeople, families, and college students all going up and down the aisles reading the... Continue Reading →

Let’s Get Started.

PC: Michelle Donovan Let’s Get Started. Let’s get started by talking about what ethical fashion means. What defines ethical fashion? Verena Erin Polowy, vlogger and founder of My Green Closet defines ethical fashion as, “Clothing that is made mindful of people, animals, and the earth. Companies where ethical policies are part of their framework and... Continue Reading →

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